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FEATURE ARTICLE  »»» by Michael Vernon
Monopoly Is An Unfair Game

With the increasing and continued bluster over biased dice, it causes me to think about why I never won a game of Monopoly. It's has to be bias dice!  
If the manufacturing of casino dice is so careless as to produce bias dice, I have to question the efforts put into the making of dice for board games. Board game dice must be out of compliance. No way for backgammon to be fair either. I mean, really, who's going to spin balance the dice for board games and measure whether they are square with a micrometer. Okay, besides my cheating little sister ... Parker Brothers' you're crooks. ... read the rest of the story

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The crowd around the craps table was 2 - 3 people deep and a loud roar went up as Tim hit another nine!

At this point literally no one else could manage to squeeze into the table. A little old lady had managed to squeeze in next to the guy on my left a short time ago and had been a frustration for both of us. She kept trying to stick her hand down to push her money back onto the pass line whenever the dealer would make her bet a place bet instead of a pass line bet.

You see, she never bet on the first toss of the dice (the come-out roll), and would always wait and see what the number was first, then put her money on the pass line. She was getting a little upset with me because I kept blocking her from sticking her hand down on the table after the dice had been passed to Tim. More, here!


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THE SOFT TOUCH            by: DEBBIE»»»
Soft Touch's Top Ten

It's been quite a few years since I have shared my "Top Ten" list of casinos where I like to play craps. A lot has changed since that initial publication in 2005.

With their eye on the "bottom line," the ownership of a number of Las Vegas establishments has changed. New casinos have opened up, while others have closed down or been stopped mid-renovation. Dealers and floor supervisors have moved from one casino to another, or worse have been let go as a result of slots taking over the casino floor space.

Still, as the economic pendulum swings in different directions, so do my choices of where I like to play. This is the link to my last list: You will notice a few changes.

Over the years I have notice that I visit Vegas more frequently, and for more extended periods of time, during the summer months - May through August. Although I enjoy the wonderful seasonal times, especially going into the fall and winter with the festive holiday displays, the bul
k of my profitable more

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The "math guys" say that math rules the game of craps. It's all about the math. The odds are built into the game and a player cannot change the odds of the game.

I agree that no one can change the built-in odds of craps, even the player who tries to control or influence the dice. Changing the odds just can't be done.. more


    My gambling career began on my 16th birthday, ... and almost ended that same day! My Dad had treated me to a Las Vegas holiday for my birthday and was determined 
to teach me the game of Craps. In an effort to make me look older, he had me put on my only suit and tie, complete with cufflinks. Then it was off to his favorite casino, the Fremont in downtown Las Vegas.   

My palms were sweating and my throat was dry as the stickman guided the dice to me for my first roll. I swallowed hard, took a deep breath and threw the dice as Dad had instructed. The dice arched toward the end of the table, but to my horror, my cufflink flew past the dice and won the race. I knew that I was busted, I would end up in jail for sure. As the moment passed in what seemed an eternity,   ... read more


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If you think of a casino as your bank, you should know that the casino thinks of you the same way. - From Wit & Wisdom To Help You Win, by John Gollehon -

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